Starr Nursery LLC

We specialize in creating application-specific, container-grown trees.

We use growing methods which elicit the tree's natural growth responses to reliably produce certain important above and below ground structures.

These structures are important because they allow the tree to quickly become established in the landscape.

These structures are also important because the new growth, in the landscape upon these structures, is then favorable for the tree's long term survival.

Starr trees have above ground quality:

Starr trees have below ground quality:

Starr trees continue to grow vigorously after planting:

Starr trees cost less to install in the landscape:

Starr quality trees are desirable for many applications:

Starr quality trees can be grown for your projects:

When you know your needs a year or more in advance of delivery, Starr Nursery can grow to order the agreed species, quantities and specification your project needs.    more...